January 30, 2010

Brushing around

Im a HUGE fan off all things traditional, and allways try to somehow incorporate as much as I can into my work. There are soooooooo many techniques and tools to use in the artworld, and I'm allways trying to be openminded and try and learn as much as I can from them.

I started inking my stuff right before highschool, and like everyone ealse, it was all with my dad's office pens. It wasnt until I got to college that I learned that most pros use a brush to get those crisp perfect lines. During that time, a friend taught me how to use the quill pen, and loved it. I had used a brush before, for acrylics and stuff, but not like this...I then finaly got my hands on the brush, and omg, I wanted to bash my head to the desk, I could not grasp it at all.

After looking at works from Jeff Smith, and Mark Schultz, I just had to try again. Its allmost Impossible to not look at their work and grab a brush.. Im slowly learning... and Im getting quite addicted to using it with my work; Its so fun. I am absolutely not doing these brushes any justice...but in time.

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Dado Almeida said...

Was crawling in the Internerd looking for Paul Richard's Art-Tracking and found your works. Really the kind of stuff I like to see nowadays.

Try to follow your post more ofter, Enrique. Nice to meet you.