December 12, 2010

Some studies and doodles. I also made a new Tumblr. wanted to see what the fuzz was all about. Go check it


CA3 said...

I hope that your tumblr account gets lots of use, but unless you're posting stuff there exclusively, I'll just keep an eye on your stuff here.

Ryan Colucci said...


I had emailed you after Comic-con about coloring my next graphic novel (we met at con, I am the creator of HARBOR MOON). Not sure if my emails ever got through... Or you're just not interested. But I figured I'd give it one last shot by posting here.

I know you're finishing up a book for Arcana right now, but I am interested in you coloring the book. We finished character design and the artist has already started pencilling pages so I am on the hunt for a colorist (like I said at con, I wish I had met you before he took the artist job cause your pencils are dope too).

If this is something you're interested in let me know.

Ryan Colucci

Danny Araya said...