June 24, 2014

Drawing Rules

I try to keep these in my head as often as I can, but it's very easy to forget while you're in the "zone", and they just become an after thought. I finally compiled a list to keep above my desk. Mind you, I've compiled these over the years based on where I would like to grow as an artist, so they may not apply to you. Happy drawing.

Drawing Rules:

- Draw inspiration from books. You can close them when you’re done. Stay away from the internet, it’s an endless black hole of doom.

- Start with thumbnails/and color comps. Let that carry your design. If it works from     thumbnail, it works, period.

- Draw from imagination. Reference is good for reference. Use it to improve, don’t rely on it.

- Stay loose!make those shapes sing! make them flow.

- Keep it fun, chunky and stylized

- What's he/she thinking? action, movement, and story give the character life!

- Whats the focus?! Keep it clear!

- Form follows function. It doesn't need four arms if it only uses one. Read above.

- Ditch the ruler. I believe in you.

- 3 colors! 60%,30%,10%, That's all you get.

- Don’t overwork it. No, we don't need to see the dirt under his nails.

- Presentation goes a long way. You don’t wear flops with your tux. Take a moment to make it presentable.  

- Have FUN. Your life doesn't depend on it, just your job :D

Now here is an irrelevant picture of some dinosaurs.

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